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Keeping clients happy: simplified communication to solve client frustrations

Chatnels: an AI-powered chat messaging platform for workflow management.



Customer and client representatives are on the front lines of every business and often endure the most difficult challenges. When clients attempt to contact a customer service department, usually they have a problem at hand they are unable to resolve themselves, seeking the help from someone else they believe is more capable.

Technical Safety BC’s client experience department consists of experts trained to help their clients (contractors) resolve frustrations when using their online services portal. Clients call in for all sorts of issues—can’t find their permits, don’t know how to apply for one, check their licences or certificates and make sure they have no non-compliances. These tasks are complex and those attempting to complete them can easily get frustrated.











Ring Ring Ring… The phone endlessly demands someone on the other side to pick up and answer. The caller anxiously awaits someone to listen to and resolve their problems. He looks back and forth from his watch to his phone. 5 minutes. He’s only got 5 minutes to sort things out before he has to head out again. After what felt like 30 minutes (but probably only one), a voice appears on the other end of the line, and he breathes a sigh of relief.


Introducing Chatnels — a live chat system embedded into Technical Safety BC’s online services portal. The chat system has to be easily accessible, minimize wait times and connect important people into the chats.

1. Communication has to be convenient.

Many clients are contractors who need to get things done while working on a site. Communication has to be seamless so they get quick and efficient resolutions so they can focus on their work at hand.

2. Communication has to be easy.

Many issues are complex and would need the support from experts with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Chatnels needs to connect all important parties together seamlessly while maintaining chat history.

3. Communication can be customized.

As a front line of business, the engagement with clients in paramount. The experience needs to be on brand, showing off the business’ unique personality and communicative style.

A message-based platform allows clients to access their chats whenever, wherever they like. Their precious time can be spent on doing more important work and won’t have to be wasted on waiting for someone to answer.


1. Whenever. Wherever you like.

 Many clients are contractors who are frequently on the go, moving from one site to the next. They don’t have the luxury of waiting on a phone for someone to pick up. A message-based platform allows them to initiate a conversation, go back to what they were doing and resume when they need to or have time.


Each chat has a detailed log history available. This side bar allows the handler to scan and understand the issue(s) of the client without having to go through the entire chat history. They can easily pick up and resume the chat with the client. They could also add notes to the chat as they feel necessary for other colleagues to be able to handle in their absence.

2. Communication is key to move things forward and get them done.

Multiple participants can be conferenced in to minimize workflow friction. Safety officers on site may need the knowledge of a client experience expert or other internal department specialists, and vice versa. Chatnels allows them to engage with one another, routing different chats to the necessary participants.


Safety officers may also need to communicate with client’s onsite managers. Onsite managers may need to provide access to them for tasks such as inspections and other routine maintenance. Allowing quick access to all necessary participants is a key focus of the applications goal in simplifying workflow.

Chatnels embeds easily to Technical Safety BC’s own portal, where they can access and view their’s clients account while trying to solve their problems.

Forward and transfer chats to the right teams or individuals. Escalate up the operational hierarchy, and minimize response wait time. Add participants. Reduce time to get tasks done.

Get your digital assitant to screen all incoming inquiries. They can route and assign chats to the right teams or individuals for handling specific situations.

3. Show off your brand.

Each chat line is equipped with its own digital assistant. Administrators can train these specialized chatbots to engage their audience. They can dictate which tones, language, and style they want; customized to talk in each corporate’s desired tone.


Digital assistants can also be taught to extract and predict intentions of guests. They would also be able to route chats to the appropriate individuals.

Bots can also be taught to extract/predict intentions of guests. They would also be able to route conversations to the appropriate handlers. They can be built to engage users in the absence of the handlers.



Communication is a team event. All parties are equally important in sending and receiving information. Chatnels aims to reduce all possible friction for all participants. Ease of communication is essential to understanding challenges and getting things done.


A customer service department’s main goal is to keep their clients happy. It’s often struggling when most incoming calls are from agitated clients frustrated with a problem they’re unable to figure out. Chatnels helps these specialists to better understand their client’s confusions and the issues at hand. Workflow and communication become easier with Chatnels, allowing stronger brand-loyalty and trusting relationships to develop.

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