Case Studies

Discover how we digitize enterprise workflows to create a significant impact on communities. 

Reducing Opioid Use

The Perioperative Quality Improvement (POQI) system integrates data and clinical workflows across the patient care continuum to help reduce the use of opioids for pain management after surgery.


Large-scale data platform to store and enable interrogation of complex longitudinal data for early diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders.


Clinical application to record and track patient adverse drug events , and share the information between health systems to help prevent reoccurrences.


Want2 helps vulnerable individuals create better futures for themselves by increasing access to opportunities and encouraging them to achieve their goals. 

Quince Analytics

Data analytics platform for automating the extraction of price sheets, processing of order guides, and handling of purchase orders of fresh produce.


The ReSTART project is aimed to provide an end-to-end digital solution for post-COVID surgeries and medical procedures to tackle surgical backlogs, as well as effectively manage surgical services by utilizing a new application.

Technical Safety BC

Enterprise applications for clients and employees to manage permits, inspections, non-compliances, etc. for the safe installation and operations of technical systems.