More than a Digital Service Consultancy

We build secure and privacy-compliant clinical data integration platforms to improve patient outcomes across a continuum of care.

Automated Communications Hub

We developed a scalable and augmented AI chat messaging platform to power digital communities and enterprise workflow communications.

Chatnels is the automated communications hub that narrows the communication gap between your team and clients to facilitate a high-performing customer experience. As an integrated platform, Chatnels enables code-free AI-powered chat bots that automate recurring tasks; enhances customer engagement experiences with interactive conversational assessments, questionnaires and surveys; and provides a unified workflow hub for your entire team to efficiently manage clients together.

Take Chatnels another step further and enable increased customer value and user experience using community enhancement. Chatnels seamlessly connects organizations with their clients by enabling a designated area for users to exchange ideas, discuss problems, and share experiences on various topics to help organizations humanize their brands.

Clinical Data Broker

We build secured and privacy-compliant clinical data integration platforms to improve patient outcomes across the continuum of care.

The digitization of clinical workflows and the broad adoption of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems added to the critical challenges of data remaining in silos across healthcare authorities: primary care, hospital-based acute care, long-term care, and home environments. Within an underserved market that needs data interconnection across traditional health care providers, newer digital health platforms, and consumer wellness solutions, CareFlow Technologies is a data broker that enables data routing across systems. As middleware, CareFlow supports real-time data delivery, intelligent routing, data normalization, predictive analytics, support quality improvements, and clinical decision support.